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January 31, 2019, 7:54 PM

Small Town Greatness

There is nothing like living in a small town! Having spent most of my life living in small towns, I've come to appreciate their greatness. What a tremendous advantage there is in knowing each of the local people who make life happen in caring ways. We know our local first responders and live next door to them. Our friends make up a great volunteer Fire Department. We have caring and competent police services. We rub shoulders with the educators who work in our local schools. We take great pride in our Shorthorn athletic programs and school organizations. Oftentimes, when we go into a local restaurant, we don't even have to order. They already know what we want from the numerous visits we've made! Perhaps best of all, we're not fighting traffic every day. It takes us less than five minutes to go anywhere we want to travel in town! Also, think about it... in a small town, when you can't figure out what you're doing, your neighbors probably already know! That is small town greatness!

A small-town preacher from North Carolina wrote a great little book entitled, "Small Town Jesus." Donnie Griggs suggested that oftentimes churches in small towns lose their vigor, their focus and purpose because they're looking to the big city. He suggests that every small town deserves great churches. I agree with him! So, while taking advantage of the great benefits of living in a small town, attending one of our churches should be at the top of the list. As small-town church leaders, let's make an all out effort to make our churches great! We can do that by loving people without condition. I would suggest we need to stop making so much noise like a "clanging cymbal" and simply love people sacrificially. Our church doors need to be as welcoming as the arms of Jesus and receive "the least of these." I think our churches should be concerned about the unchurched in our community and actively working to bring them into God's Church where they can be loved. It is my desire that the churches in Schulenburg be great for God's glory! The next time someone from the city asks you, "What's so great about living in a small town?", be sure to say, "We have friendly, loving churches where everyone is valued!"


Loving the small-town life,

Pastor David

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