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“Things That Never Were”
May 17, 2019, 10:26 AM

“Things That Never Were”


This is my take on a statement often heard this time of the year: “And now, let us embark on our new journey, full of things that never were!”  Donna and I have two grandsons, Jeremiah and Jacob, who are graduating from high school in just a few days.  We have several other family members who are graduating from various high schools, as well as members of our church youth group at “FBC in the Burg.”  A journey begins as they will each leave the schools that they’ve attended for years and start out on something new in their lives.  They each will face new challenges, experience new freedoms, and meet any number of new friends. 

I think the greatest challenge is to try to understand what it is that should provide direction in these new experiences.  You see, I don’t believe courage, boldness, and willingness will be enough as they start out on a new path.  For any of us starting something new, whether it is a new job or a move to a new city, we need more than courage and hope.

 I believe that we must have a firm foundation which anchors us to the core of who we are as a person.  I want to suggest that there should be three things that form our strong foundation.  First, our faith in a Savior who loves us and gave Himself for us should make up the deepest roots in our lives.  Who Jesus is to you?  Your Creator, your Savior, and your Lord!  Your faith position should be locked down into that truth!  Winds of this world will blow mightily to try and defeat your faith.  Hold fast to what you believe about God and who He is!

Secondly, you have a name.  A name that was given to you by people who love you and sacrificed mightily for you.  Of course, no one is perfect... not even those parents and grandparents who have raised you. In the seasons before you, time will allow you to make judgements about those who love you.  You may realize how imperfect they are.  You may see the mistakes they made.  But through it all, I hope you understand that they love you and want the best for you.  So, carry their good name and represent it well.  Honor it! 

Finally, your journey will bring many people into your path.  People have many ideas about life and what is right and what is wrong.  They will expose you to ideas and experiences that will leave a mark on you.  Choose your friends carefully!  Choose your “influencers”, even mentors and advisors, with great consideration! Many people will pass through your life sharing their viewpoints and ideas along the way.  There will be just a few that will be worthy of your devotion and commitment.  They will be the ones who enrich you, who edify you, and honor the person you are.  Cherish these friendships and give back to them.

 Life passes like the seasons…  enjoy it daily, strive to make a difference, and be the person God has created you to be. 

Jeremiah and Jacob: Lovie and I love you both... and wish you the very best in life!  And for other friends of ours who are starting a new journey:  May the God of Heaven bless you richly!

Life to the fullest,

Pastor David and Donna

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